Join us for casual games of table tennis. We play both doubles and singles. Skill levels range from "I played a long long time ago" to pretty snappy.

Sometimes we get serious and have a cardiovascular workout, sometimes we just practice doing weird shots, sometimes we quit early and head off to the Bistro for a beer. But we always have fun and laugh a lot. Anything goes.

There are no club dues. We ask for a $5 "initiation" donation to cover the cost of balls and perhaps other needs.

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Registrating for our news feed causes your email address to appear on our club list. We assume that anyone who wants to be a member take a few minutes and register. If your email address is not there, we don't know you as a member. We do all our club communication over our news feed. We use the time otherwise maintaining an email list to play table tennis.

Our Schedule of Sessions

Tuesday 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Friday 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Be sure to register for email alerts when items are posted on our news feed. When session times change, we will post the information on our news feed. Check out the right column for details.

We give preference to singles games on Thursday. Singles offer more opportunity to develop skills than doubles. But depending on how many show up, we might cave in and play doubles.

Buy Your Own Paddle?

Consider buying your own paddle. You will find that you can typically get better spin action with a premium quality paddle compared to the beginner models we have on hand.

Here are three models that one of our members suggests, with Amazon prices as of May 22, 2015 shown: Stiga Supreme ($36.19), DHS x series ($35.99), and Killerspin Jet 200 ($31.51).

Ken Gorman and Joe Macher both purchased the Stigma Supreme paddle and are happy with it, although Ken is not that happy with Joe usually beating him.

Our Doubles Rules

Because we are mostly interested in casual play, we generally don't rigidly enforce rules. We expect compliance, but feel players should be responsible for knowing the rules and complying. (Click the link below to access the ITTF rules.)

Official Rules

Service Delivery

One area of debate is the serve. Most of us played decades ago when there were no specific rules about how the ball is held and released at the time of contact with the paddle. One could impart exceptional spin on the ball with that freedom.

The ITTF developed rules to bring that under control. Specifically, see section 2.6 of the rules (click the link below to access all the rules).

We understand that those who played back then have never been required to adhere to the new rules, and may have trouble adapting to the current rules. We don't mind new players to the club serving the "old way" so long as they make progress in complying over time. We are generally satisfied if the player uses the "open hand" toss of the ball, and not much concerned about the height of the toss, as long as it is clear the hand no longer has contact with the ball at the moment the ball is being struck.

Service Rotation

We also have chosen to alter the service routine to bring greater variety to the play. Specifically, in games to 11 where players serve twice before the serve moves to another player, the first serve is from the server's right side court to the opponents' right side court (diagonal) and the second serve is from the server's left court to the opponents' left court. This approach means the server serves to both opponents and is able to use serves that work better from one side versus the other.